Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Singapore

Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Singapore

At the point when couples start searching for the ideal area to shoot their pre-wedding photographs, they jump at the chance to go for something out of the case. What’s more, that typically implies abroad, correct? All things considered, not really. Our little red dab may scarcely mean much land, yet there are without a doubt special and intriguing spots where you can have unmistakable pre-wedding photoshoots on our bright little island. You simply need to know where to look! If you have plans to Singapore vacation for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, here is a rundown of 20 novel pre-wedding photoshoot areas in Singapore for connected couples. You can find the best Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Singapore


Ikea is likely one of the last couple of spots that strikes a chord when searching for a pre-wedding photoshoot area, yet it can in actuality make for an extremely fascinating and dynamic place to snap your pre-wedding photographs. The variety of beautiful and perfectly orchestrated furniture and family things in Ikea will give a plain yet energetic feel to your pre-wedding photographs simply like this present couple’s shoot above.

2. Games Arenas

For the energetic couples who share a typical enthusiasm for sports, why not have your pre-wedding photoshoot taken at a games office of your decision? Regardless of whether it is inside or outside, these pre-wedding photographs are particularly uncommon and features the couple’s eccentric alikeness. With different first rate sports offices found in Singapore, it would not be extremely hard to discover one that suits you and your life partner perfectly.

3. Haji Lane

Haji Lane is a greatly conspicuous piece of Singapore with its eye catching and striking paintings on the dividers. Once a vacant road of pre-war shop houses, it is presently a clamoring place bursting at the seams with free form boutiques and Middle Eastern Cafes. The columns of roads with striking and exuberant sketches on the dividers help to bring a varied vibe into any pre-wedding photographs taken there.

4. Cloud Forest (Gardens by the Bay)

The outside piece of Gardens by the Bay itself might be an as well normal place for pre-wedding photoshoots, nonetheless, one of its encased studios, Cloud Forest is one that is once in a while observed. The focal point of the center is a 35-meter tall mountain canvassed in lavish vegetation covering the world’s tallest indoor cascade. There are additionally two walkways manufactured high over the ground, making any couple’s pre-wedding photographs exceptional as well as the experience a remarkable one also.

5. Bistro Bar

There is one thing Singapore certainly has no absence of and that is sustenance places. This is particularly so for curious bistros and swanky bars which can be discovered growing out wherever in our little red spot. Couples can make utilization of their plenitude to take particular pre-wedding photographs that are not at all like some other, similar to the one above at No. 5 Emerald Hill with a vintage oriental setting.

6. Punggol Ranch

A place that watches totally out of Singapore, Punggol Ranch. It is one of only a handful few laid back spots you can discover here, covered up in the North-East corner of Singapore. The farm offers a radical new extraordinary involvement with an assortment of offices and administrations. More than that, it is where one of a kind photograph openings are proliferate, with a blend of chalets and eateries as scenery and fun exercises, for example, horse-riding and even rabbit nourishing for couples.

7. School

There is no better method to think back the time when you and your life partner met than coming back to that very place for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Also, this choice is by all accounts getting more mainstream with youthful couples in Singapore. Particularly for couples who need a bit of their school as a memory to bring along on their marriage life, your own special school can make for a nostalgic and vital place to have your pre-wedding photo shoot.

8. Changi Airport

Evaluated the best airplane terminal on the planet in 2014 and 2015, Changi Airport is one that is famous for not just its structural outline and world class offices yet additionally its friendliness and as a business center. In light of its humming occupied ness, with around 54.1 million travelers going through it in 2014, Changi Airport is a scene that is certain to be uncommon in any pre-wedding photoshoot.

9. Little India

Little India is no uncertainty one of the spots in Singapore known for its vivid roadside slows down and structures. This fiery neighborhood is the place many go to for sustenance and market supplies, and in addition for religious love. This slick little neighborhood is certain to be an extraordinary piece of pre-wedding photoshoots that intend to join Singapore’s exceptional culture as a noteworthy piece of the photographs.

10. Play areas

Play areas, old or new, are unquestionably a piece of our fondest beloved recollections; a place where we invest energy circling uninhibitedly as children. Draw out the kid in you with these additional cheerful and real to life pre-wedding photographs that not just feature a couple’s memory of their initial years yet in addition empower them to safeguard into photographs these enchanting little play areas that are turning into an irregularity.

11. Helix Bridge/Henderson Waves Bridge

The Helix Bridge and The Henderson Waves Bridge are two of the most famous scaffolds in Singapore. The previous a 280-meter person on foot linkway – the longest in Singapore – that looks like the structure of a DNA and the last the most noteworthy passerby connect in Singapore – at 36 meters over the ground, these two extensions are doubtlessly excellent spots where you can take your pre-wedding photoshoots to additional lengths and new statures.

12. National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is the most seasoned historical center in Singapore and gloats of a rich gathering of shows on the historical backdrop of Singapore. All the more remarkably, the design of the gallery models after the neo-established style and is consistently joined by another pioneer expansion of glass and metal, giving the notable building a blend of both customary and contemporary vibe, taking into consideration some glorious pre-wedding photographs to be taken there.

13. Nearby peddler/general store

There is nothing else very as “interestingly Singapore” as our nearby seller focuses and even cooled grocery stores. These spots are a consistent in many Singaporeans’ lives and could likewise turn into a steady in pre-wedding photoshoots sooner rather than later, on the off chance that they aren’t as of now one. Besides, the simple feel such places provide for the photographs is something that just can’t be discovered somewhere else, and will doubtlessly make your pre-wedding photographs as extraordinary as they can get.

14. Kombi Rocks

Kombi Rocks offers the best of the two universes with its Kombi Rocks Diner and Kombi Rocks Rides. The coffee shop is the recently patched up Koon Kee Restaurant (as yet serving Thai and Chinese formulas go down three ages) as of now in a 50’s shop house with delightful green tiled dividers while the ‘rides’ offered is an armada of VeeDubs and other vintage autos accessible for rental. Not exclusively does the coffee shop itself make for an extremely beguiling pre-wedding photoshoot put, you can even lease the flawlessly molded vintage autos for use in your photoshoot anyplace!

15. Tuas/Punggol Lalang Fields

Lalang is a kind of grass that is normally found in a few sections of Singapore yet as of late has shown up in photoshoots. The primary fascination about the Lalang fields is that despite the fact that they are comparative looking (in spite of the fact that the one at Tuas are shorter than the ones at Punggol on the off chance that you look carefully!) with precisely the same of grass, they give a place where no two photographs are indistinguishable and the conceptualisation of the photographs are truly up to the couple and the picture taker, making it to a great degree one of a kind and incomparable, as found in the above photographs.

16. Lorong Halus Bridge

The Lorong Halus Bridge, associating Lorong Halus Wetland to Punggol Promenade over the Serangoon Reservoir, is a photogenic block red steel person on foot connect that makes a shocking focal point in any photoshoots, especially pre-wedding photoshoots. The contemporary looking scaffold brings out sentiments of sentimentality as the block red shade of the extension helps one to remember the customary scaffolds utilized for steam fueled motors and looks spectacular as the background for moderate yet striking pre-wedding photographs.

17. At Home

“Home is the place the heart is” and surely likewise where fun and comfortable pre-wedding photographs can be taken! While it seldom enters anybody’s thoughts to have their pre-wedding photoshoot in the solaces of their own home, it is in certainty a complain free, minimal effort choice for couples who simply need to unwind and relax with their pre-wedding photoshoot. All things considered, what’s vital is feeling and taking a gander at home with your better half right?

18. Seletar Air Base

Seletar Air Base, situated close Seletar Airport which never again keeps running as an operational common airplane terminal, is utilized by the Republic of Singapore Air Force for their Flying Training School (FTS). This is unquestionably one area that is to a great degree special and once in a while improved the situation pre-wedding photoshoots. Regardless of this, the appeal of the place lies in the peaceful encompassing of the air base and its cool looking air ships and airplane holders.

19. Lodging

Lodgings like this specific one, ParkRoyal on Pickering, are particularly intended to be fundamentally great and photograph commendable. The outlines of such inns easily make awesome settings for pre-wedding photographs that aren’t exactly similar to the typical kind with greenery yet rather looks like something out of a magazine, with accentuation on the contemporary style of the building and the chicness of the couple in the photoshoot.

20. Plantation Road

Plantation Road, particularly before the terrific Ion Orchard shopping center, looks particularly great and astonishing during the evening when the splendid LED lights from the structures please. The honor winning structure of the Ion Orchard, with its multi-tactile canvas media divider, is certainly an eye-getting show-stopper that watches out of this world.