Prominent Street photography Places In Chennai Must Use It

Prominent Street photography Places In Chennai Must Use It


The city of Chennai can rightly be called as the cultural capital of India and it also serves as the political capital of Tamilnadu. Chennai has a signature in its every aspect of lifestyle. It could be right at the sounding of the traditional song called Suprabhatam that kickstarts the day of almost every Chennai it.

It follows with the fragrance Aroma of filter coffee that fills the entire house. The breakfast habits of Chennai range right from sophisticated Continental breakfast at the biggest star hotels to the same person enjoying a roadside culinary delight sharing the space with an everyday labour worker.

It is all these little things that make Chennai one of the most awesome places to experience rather than to just live! When a city has so much of vibrance in its culture, tradition and Lifestyle, the streets of the city give a lot of moments to capture that is sure to delight photographer, their lenses and their senses.

This makes Chennai one of the best locations in India for street photography. There are a lot of places in Chennai which could give you an absolute delight when it comes to Street photography.

Here a list of places in Chennai that could be considered some of the best when it comes to Street photography in Chennai.

Ranganathan Street:

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Ranganathan Street in Chennai is called as the shopping capital for the middle class of Chennai without even an iota of doubt. These places which are known for shopping might not give you an opportunity to barking but the prices that are quoted do not even require you to working.

This makes the Ranganathan Street Rainbow of different people. You will find housewives hanging through the jewellery that is available on the roadside. On the other hand, you will find children crying allowed to get them the juices or the almond milk that is sold on the sides of the streets.

The different varieties of sarees, salwar kurtis and every other form of attire that you can find at a stone’s throw away from any point of this street make it one of the most colourful places for you to photograph, not just in terms of what is available there but also in terms of the people who have come to experience this place. To beat all of this, the Mambalam railway station lies on one end of Ranganathan Street and the people thronging in huge numbers to get into the trains is another delight.

Marina Beach:

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The longest beach in India and the second longest beach on planet earth has to be one of the most amazing places to capture the essence of The Street Life in Chennai! If you go in the morning, you will find Walkers and joggers of different ages trying to establish their commitment to fitness in the least possible way by jogging on the sidewalks of the Marina Beach.

More than the jogging, it is the talks among the people especially the Middle-aged gentleman who discuss everything from politics to stock market that makes the Marina Beach one of the most expressive places for your experience when it comes to Street photography. If all that wasn’t enough, there are also a lot of people who do yoga, and there are people who come to meditate exclusively on the pedestal where the Statue of Mahatma Gandhi is placed.

If all this wasn’t enough, as the sun rises higher and higher, you will find people flocking into the memorial of the former Chief Ministers of Tamilnadu which make it another spot for you to capture the essence of the commitment that the people of Chennai and the people of Tamilnadu have always had towards their icons both in politics and in films. Marina is one of the places where you can get the Best street photography in Chennai.

Anna Nagar tower Park:

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Not all that is Chennai has to be attributed to the Colonial Era. The Anna Nagar tower Park was a recent creation and was built in the 1970 and sidekick to the International fair that happened in the outskirts of Chennai city. The outskirts that were once is today one of the most sophisticated residential areas of Chennai called Anna Nagar.

The Anna Nagar tower Park is probably the signature of this locality. The server has been featured in a lot of Tamil movies and the Meadows in the vicinity of the tower make it a great place for couples to have their private moments, for photographers to capture a few amazing shots of the sceneries around, for families to have a picnic breakfast and overall, great place for people to relax in the evenings. In a place where people are going together around, there is always a great prospect for street photography.

Besant Avenue Road:

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The most important aspects of Chennai can be captured only in the morning when the city is at the different level of liveliness all together. As much as the Marina beach is an important hotspot for joggers and Walkers, the Besant Avenue Road that connects areas to the Besant Nagar beach is another such place.

This place is filled with lush greenery and the place always has its shadows however bright and Sunny the rest of the city might be. This place, with its White Road and the relaxing canopy, makes it a delight for fitness conscious people. You can find almost all kinds of people are right from slow Walkers to fast runners. All these Little Things make up wonderful frames for a street photographer.

Streets of Mylapore and Triplicane:

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Chennai is one place that can be said to have both into roots and Muslim routes and both of these in a very strong sense. The streets of Mylapore and Triplicane talk about what the roots are! On a typical Mylapore morning, you can see a lot of priests who walk to Hindu temples, take a DIP in the holy tank of the temples and enjoy a conversation with each other which could be about theology, politics or even cinema. The very mood of the streets of Mylapore and Triplicane make wonderful frames for a person who is interested in capturing the essence of Chennai in street photography!

With so much of cultural importance, Chennai is definitely a place that you can look forward to having a lot of Amazing aspects in street photography. If you would like to capture the essence of Chennai and make more memories with these kinds of street photographs, book your Chennai tour package with us and experience what Chennai is all about at the grassroots!