Wonderful Street Photography in Bangalore Must Look At It

Wonderful Street Photography in Bangalore Must Look At It


Photography is an art and this earth is about capturing what society has to offer is probably the most Savage and unpolished way possible. That is no better way to capture the rustic nature of life than the streets where all the human beings and even the other life forms are at their most uninhibited expression. This makes Street photography one of the most amazing aspects of photography and one of the very few facets of photography where you do not control what you capture.

A vibrant country like India has a lot to offer when it comes to Street photography. Every city has a story to tell and every Street has a script of its own. One among the cities that has its own story to tell is the city of Bangalore. Founded by the chieftain Kempegowda and having grown as an important city of strategic military influence in the British period and today, functioning as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has a lot to offer terms of street photography.

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Bangalore is Cosmopolitan in every sense and you can feel that the nature of Bangalore in every Street and every nook and corner. On one side, you have people falling in from different parts of the country and even the planet to make their career in the budding startup climate or information technology Giants. on the other hand, you have the traditional Kannadigas who have retained their culture in every sense and feel proud of their identity not being destroyed even when all the other cultures from all over the world start crushing the city of Bangalore.

Which is the Confluence of these two forces that make Bangalore beautiful? In the places like Basavanagudi and Malleswaram, you can find the absolute old school Bangalore where you will find the population that does not prefer to speak in any other language than Canada although it is assured that they will know many other languages as well as you can get the best street photography in Bangalore. The laid back lifestyle of these people, the sprawling houses with lavish frontage and the glimpses of cars like the Hindustan Motors Ambassador and the Premier Padmini teleport you to the 90s when this was the mainstream life of Bangalore.


On the other side, literally, when it comes to places like Whitefield, you can witness the vibrant and young Bangalore that takes to what all the new age world is known for. It could be something as simple as craft beer and it could also be something as complicated and complex as LGBTQ rights. Events like the Soul Santa are an absolute delight for street photographers can capture the weird and vibrant side of Bangalore.

In all of this, you might also find places that are full of graffiti that depict the wild and lively culture of what Bangalore has grown into. in between all of these places, you have places like Koramangala and Indiranagar that strike a fine balance between both the versions of Bangalore. The vibrant lifestyle of these places is largely governed by the presence of Amazing eateries and drink that add to the awesomeness of these places.

It would be a bad thing to miss one of the most amazing places for street photography in Bangalore. That place is none other than Shivaji Nagar. Shivaji Nagar fees like a little Hyderabad within Bangalore. The presence and the vibrancy of Muslim culture in here are not only seen in the Lifestyle but also in the street food climate that lights up in the evenings. It only gets better during the month of Ramzan when the entire Shivaji Nagar area smells of the awesome kebabs that are bound to instigate a drool in any food lover.

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 If there are set of places that are never to be forgotten when it comes to Street photography in Bangalore, it is the trial of the famous streets the Brigade Road, the commercial street and the MG Road. These places come to a different life every weekend and are stormed by Shoppers and Walkers. When it becomes the eve of the new year, these places sport a different aura altogether. The crowds get into a Frenzy of celebration at this time of the year and that is probably one of the best ways to celebrate new year and Christmas in South India.

Bangalore has a lot to offer as a Deloitte for street photographers who are always on the Lookout for Candid moments that define the city, the people, the culture, the lifestyle and every other language that the city speaks, both vocal and abstract. No wonder, Street photography is always a thing that you can look forward to in a Cosmopolitan city like Bangalore!