Street Photography Ideas

Street Photography Ideas

The art of capturing moments and making it immortal is not just about skill. It is a confluence of creativity, impulsive thinking, and unparalleled passion for photography. Not everyone who carries a DSLR is a professional or even a photographer for that matter. Any individual who has the potential to bring out the awesomeness in a normal scene can be referred to as a photographer.

It is a well-known fact that there are different kinds of photography. It would not be amplified statement to say that among all, the one that stands out from the rest is street photography. Even though most of their clicks are candid, it would be unfair to refer to it as candid photography. It speaks a distinct language that nothing else does. Here are some eyebrows raising ideas that can be applied in street photography.

1. Play with shadows and silhouettes:

Shadows and silhouettes are undoubtedly the classical entities of street photography. The element of mysteriousness that it brings elevates feel that the images render. These shadows and silhouettes bring about a new and different perspective to that image. The one difficulty that you have is finding the right spot and light. The one easy trick that can work out with shadows and silhouettes the black and white touch. There are good possibilities that most of you might have seen this type of photographs. One more thing that you need to take into consideration is that it if you opting for shadows and silhouettes, it is better to do it during the nights. You will have a lot of advantages during the night shoots.

2. Capture the environment:

It is the tendency of human beings to actually go with what the predominant population is doing. In that sense when it comes to street photography most of them try to concentrate on the object or that person. Most of these people fail to capture the environment. If one is able to master the art of capturing the environment the out will definitely stand out from the rest. We all know there are some vibrant colors in the street and if caught properly they will make an amazing street photograph. But it is not an easy thing to do. Having color sense plays a very important in this aspect. There are good possibilities that things could go wrong.

3. Go Minimalist:

“Minimalism” the concept that has created quite a rage in most of the things. From the biggest MNCs to small startup are following the concept of minimalism. From making videos to designing images minimalism is without a doubt one of the most preferred concepts in the present scenario. If you can incorporate this in your street photography there is nothing better than this. There is no second thoughts about the fact your photographs will have class and will be exceptional in every aspect that you can think of. The normal crowd might not get it, but people who understand photography will definitely love it.

4. Use Juxtaposition:

There are very good chances that many might not understand what juxtaposition is. Juxtaposition is nothing but a comparison of two subjects when they are so close to each other. It is without a doubt one of the trickiest things to do. The hardest part is finding things that are worth comparing. Perfect timing also plays a very important role in it. A perfectly timed photograph will have the potential to become viral. In fact there are a lot of perfectly timed photos that are still being shared on the internet and are also being to create memes.

5. Finding Symmetry:

Symmetrical structures if properly captured will definitely make a great photograph. There are a lot of symmetrical structures around us. Even the staircase that we use on an everyday basis is also an example of asymmetrical structure. Even though there are a lot of them in our everyday life, it is an undeniable fact that it a lot of parameters should fall into place for a good photo. Especially the lighting. You are able to cross the hurdles and manage to click some good one, the symmetrical structures will definitely be awesome street photographs.

6. Reflections:

Preplanning the reflections and capturing them with proper lighting is a very different game. But capturing the reflections on the streets is a very different ball game. There are a considerable number of entities that reflect images in the streets. Some of the common ones include stagnant water, glass walls, etc. Clicking at the right time plays a very important role. Even a second of delay will result in losing the image. The swiftness and impulsive thought play a very important role when it comes to this. A good street photograph of a reflection will definitely help in making the photograph very distinct.

7. Capture Individuals:

Clicking the common people on the street one of the very first things that everyone will do when it comes to street photography. This all though is a classical one it has never gone out of fashion. A lot of people, especially for people who are trying out their hands in street photography for the first time you will definitely have to give this one a try. Compared to most of them, it is very easy and there are good possibilities that the end result will be good. Even on the internet, these are the kind of photographs that you will find in plenty.

8. Motion Blur:

There are good possibilities that most of you might come across these types of images on the internet. The basics of this image are very simple. If there is a subject that moving motion blur will work out well. All you need to do is just decrease the shutter speed and click.  Make sure that you do not shake the camera. The best place where this technique will work out is the roads where vehicles will be moving. The perfect time to click this type of image is during the late evenings.