Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples

Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples

It is quite evident from the films like Bajirao Mastani, Padmavat and Ramleela that the Jaipur people and the Rajputs gave a lot of importance to the women in their life and romance was an integral part of their culture and lifestyle. To this day, Jaipur stands tall for the romantic Adventures that Jaipur offers. Jaipur has a lot of places to visit that can surely be deemed as romantic. Couples who have amazing travel goals would surely choose Jaipur as one of their destinations to travel because Jaipur has a lot of places that are made for couples to visit.

Here are some of the most romantic places that you can visit in Jaipur.

Nahargarh Fort

The Nahargarh Fort is on the top of the Aravali mountain ranges which is considered to be one of the borders of Jaipur and a natural barrier for all the Invaders from the south west point it was built by Raja Jai Singh in the year 1734 to serve as a line of Defence for the amazing Amber fort. The place has multiple dimensions to it that make it one of the best places for couples to visit in Jaipur. On one side, it is a magnificent and minutes in structure that is bound to leave any percent spellbound because of the shower magnificence of the buildings. Complete with a lot of fortification and ammunition, this particular place provided the essential defence for a rich city like Jaipur. On the other side, you have a spectacular view of the city of Jaipur especially in the night. Holding hands with your loved one and just enjoying a view of Jaipur could surely be considered romantic. It would almost make you feel like the king and queen of Jaipur. If you are lavish on your budget, you could enjoy some amazing delicacies and local delights at the multi cuisine restaurant that is situated inside the Nahargarh Fort.

Sisodia Rani Garden

Sisodia Rani Garden like any other Garden has its own share of romance. It is one of the largest gardens in the city and gives you the much needed seclusion, privacy and peacefulness. The garden was again a story of romance. It was built by Rajya Sabha Singh for his lady love Sisodiya Rani in the year 1728. It is situated at about 10 km from Jaipur and as a symbol of romance there are a lot of paintings that depict the love story of Radha and Krishna that all present all along the walls of the garden. The fountains and the trees and the lush Gardens only make the situation more romantic. Just a walk in the Gardens with your law add one is bound to bring you pleasant memories long after the Romance has fortified!

Jal Mahal

There is a connect between the waters and romance and Jaipur cannot be an exception. The site of the partially submerged Palace called the Jal Mahal situated in the middle of the man Sagar lake is one of the most amazingly romantic places in jaipur. It was built as a hunting lodge for the Maharaja and the stone work of this particular place on the walls stands out contrasting the Blue Water of the lake. You can use this place as a romantic backdrop for your pictures. There are four stories that lie below the water and there is only one that appears above the surface. if you would like to start your romance a little bit early, you can consider taking a bumpy camel ride maybe after a shopping session.

Central Park

For a place that sounds almost like New York, this place is not bad at all. It is right in the middle of the city where it gets more of nature then urban. There are a lot of grasses and trees that will give you the much needed peacefulness. The Rambagh Polo Ground is also present in this region and this also serves as a perfect place for bird watching as there are a lot of native and migratory birds that visit the park all through the year. This place also serves as a perfect one to take a job as it can be a perfect 5K track for you and your loved one if both of you are fitness buffs.

Chokhi Dhani

Maybe the entire city of Jaipur reflects what has been the traditional Rajput Lifestyle. However, if you would like to live that lifestyle in its fullest Glory, you have to visit the Heritage village called the Chokhi Dhani which is situated at about 20 km from the Jaipur Railway Station. You have a lot of activities that you can indulge in including live performance of folk dances and music, elephant and camel rides, puppies shoes, magic shows and acrobatics. All of these become more complete with an experience of the authentic Rajasthani cuisine. It starts with the rabdi which is served as your welcome drink and end in some delectable Malpua that you can finish your meal with. To take it to the next level there are also accommodation options and even Spa options where you can get couple massages from the best therapists in there in house spa.

1135 AD Amber

All the romance in Jaipur does not have to be essentially old school. This restaurant is all what Jaipur can get in its most romantic way without compromising on the essence of Jaipur which lies in the Rajput bravery, glory and grandeur. being one of the very few places that serves unadulterated authentic Rajasthani cuisine, this is your chance to taste the dishes whose recipes have been safeguarded for centuries together. there is a place called the sheeshmahal which is an exclusive private dining area and is made of sparkling precious stones. Amber is one of the Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples .

Rambagh Palace

The Rambagh Palace is one of the most romantic places to stay in Jaipur. It is not just the palace in itself but a major Amendment that has made it even more romantic. It was acquired by the Taj Group of hotels and is now known as the Taj Rambagh Palace which is also one of the most expensive places to stay in Jaipur. The Mughal and the Oriental Gardens are spread over a enclosed area in marble that gives you a very royal and romantic feeling. A walk with your loved one hand in hand along the corridors of the royal Mansion is enough to make you feel like the king and queen. You can also take a Vintage car ride and feel like the Bollywood hero and heroine of the 1950 and 60s. To finish all of it up, you can also have a royal dining experience that serves you traditional Rajasthani food in silver plates popularly known in the locality as thali.

Pink is generally considered to be a romantic colour and the Pink City cannot help but be one of the most romantic places that you can explore in the entire spectrum of North India. With so much of Royalness and romance, Jaipur is bound to be a place that you will enjoy visiting as a couple!