Best Photoshoot Locations In Mumbai

Best Photoshoot Locations In Mumbai

We are talking about the city of Dreams. This is the city that gave life to a lot of people who had no hope and this is the city that put India in the economic map of the world. This is the city that is the epicenter of commercial activities and has one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world. This is the city that has the biggest movie industry on the planet. We are talking about the maximum city, the city of Dreams, the capital of Maharashtra, the city of Mumbai!

On an interesting note of history, Mumbai was given as a diary by the Portuguese to the British. If not for that, Mumbai would also have been like Goa. Today, Mumbai is all what a city can Aspire to be. It is Cosmopolitan in its nature and has some of the best Educational Institutes in the country. It also has some of the best Financial Institutions and the great places to just kill time without compromising on the awesomeness of the city.

In today’s world, one of the biggest testimonies of a city being great is the photographs. When a city has a such a vibrant Lifestyle like that of Mumbai, you can only look at photographs as awesome means to freeze your memories for eternity, or at least until you put up a story on Instagram or Facebook.

To take awesome photographs, you will need awesome subjects and needless to say, awesome locations. While the subject can be a matter of dispute, there is no going back that Mumbai is blessed with a lot of picturesque spots that can be considered as great places for photographs. we have compiled a list of places that you could consider as the best spots for photography in Mumbai.

Gateway of India

No list about Mumbai and photographs can be complete without the mention of Gateway of India. You have something to photograph in every NOOK and corner of it. Either you have the Statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji or the magnificent Arabian Sea stretching out into the vast blue or turn around and you have the Grand Taj Mahal Hotel that has been a part of many films and has served as a backdrop for many models. If you have gotten a picture with the Gateway of India at the Taj Mahal Hotel, you have gotten a solid evidence in the most intense Fashion that you have been to Mumbai.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi might not be the most celebrated person in Indian politics but the Sanjay Gandhi National Park situated at Borivali in Mumbai is quite a visual treat for any person who just like to visit a peaceful place and also for photographing. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is so widespread and so green that you get the right extent of privacy that you deserve for photographs. This makes it an ideal place for couple photo shoots and Pre wedding photo shoots. Even if not for this, you can enjoy places like the toy train ride, trekking and jungle safari. Even the things like jungle safari and the toy train make great places for photography kids and families. It is quite easy to reach this place from Borivali, one of the most important stations in the Mumbai railway network.

Chota Kashmir

Chhota Kashmir is probably The Other Chota that is famous in Mumbai. Chota Kashmir is situated at the Aarey Milk Colony in the Goregaon region and it is one of the most peaceful locations which has been a favourite for couples, photographers, short film shooters and even filmmakers. This place forms a perfect backdrop with a vast expanse of Meadows and colourful flowers dancing in the breeze of Suburban Mumbai. Goregaon is quite connected from Andheri which, again like Borivali, is one of the most important stations in Mumbai.

Bandra Bandstand

It is not a joke if a great superstar like Shah Rukh Khan has established his initial house Mannat in this location. This bandstand area of Bandra is mostly visited by couples and is one of the most crying and premier locations for photography and videography. In addition to the urban awesomeness of this place, you also have the proximity to the Arabian Sea and also the Bandra Fort which gives a rustic backdrop for photo shoots. With the modern charm of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, you can only get your photographs to have utopic touch.

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

IIT Bombay might have been the place from where great minds like NR Narayana Murthy and Arvind Kejriwal have come from. However, this location is not just confined to the geniuses in the making but also about picturesque and peaceful spots for photographs. I’m like many of the premier institutes in the country, IIT Bombay is not that very red taped when it comes to entry. You can get in with your camera and as a couple to get some of the best frames that you can afford to get in urban Mumbai. It is the presence of IIT Bombay alone that makes the area Powai a great place for photographs!

Marine Drive and Queens necklace

One of the most recognised and probably the most famous roads of Mumbai is the Marine Drive. Overlooking the Arabian Sea and the urban skyscrapers studded Skyline of Mumbai, Marine Drive is all what Mumbai is about when it comes to the frame that it can provide in a single shot. It could be the backdrop of the rocks that are kept to protect the mainland from the Waves and it could be the concrete sitout areas that give the Marine Drive a relaxing charm in the evenings. whatever be your perspective and whatever be a requirement, Marine Drive has what it takes to make it to one of the most amazing locations for photography in Mumbai. Marine drive and Queens necklace are the best Photoshoot Locations In Mumbai.

With so much to offer, there is no question on why Mumbai is called the maximum city and the city of Dreams. If at all you have a pen chat for photography and if you would like to capture frames that you would like to freeze for eternity, you do not have to look forward for any other City than the city of Mumbai!