Best Photoshoot Locations in Delhi

Best Photoshoot Locations in Delhi

Today, thanks to the Inception of the social network like Instagram and Facebook, photos are the only way that you can prove that you have been to a place. In addition to this, the affordability of the digital SLR cameras and the zero cost to create facebook pages has created a flurry of photographers and some of them among the crowd are quite passionate and distinct in their works.

To satisfy this kind of people, there is no better place than the capital city of India. There are a lot of places in and around Delhi that can be considered a photographers Paradise. Today, photography can be classified into two types. One is the kind of photoshoots that photographers do for the place in itself and to satisfy themselves and their passion. The Other however, is about taking creative photoshoot for couples and people who have decided to bring out their innate narcissism. needless to say, New Delhi satisfies both these kinds of requirements.

We have compiled a list of places that could be considered a bless for photographers and people who love to be shot as well.

Jama Masjid

Ever heard of the expression calm before Storm? Jama Masjid is the other way around. Before you encounter the calm and relaxing premises of Jama Masjid, you will have to encounter the storm of the Chandni Chowk. However, only when you enter the Mosque, you will know that this place is worth being Treasure. This place can be considered as the essence of what Old Delhi is. This place however, is not for the kind of couple photo shoots but more for capturing the essence of what Delhi is from a photographer’s point of view. Jama Masjid is one of the place where you can get the Best Photoshoot Locations in Delhi. You will find a lot of frames that are worth be interested in the JPEG files of your cameras.

If you would like to enhance the mood of your photographs, you could probably consider shooting the Jama Masjid during the Eid festival. What makes it more interesting is that in certain places, you can also get a glimpse of the Red Fort right from the Masjid.

Lodi Colony

Not everything about Delhi is ancient and old and not everything is about the Mughal Emperors and the sultan’s who ruled the place. Delhi also has its identity even after independence and it is best exemplified in the Lodi Colony. This is yet another place of Residence in the bustle of the capital city but what makes it district is the walls of the places in the colony. They are not the plane pink walls but they have transformed themselves into canvases of graffiti. It is India’s first open air public art exhibition and was created by over 25 Street artists who have poured in their creativity and positivity into creating these amazing landmarks. If you are a fashion blogger or into pre-wedding photography, this is the place that you will need to look forward to. You might find a lot of other places like this around Khan market, Connaught Place and Shahpur Jat but there is nothing that matches with the vibrance of this particular place.

Kamla Nehru Ridge

New Delhi is full of weird places and some of them have a signature that is unlike any other in India. The Kamala Nehru Ridge also referred to as the Ridge is one such place. The first look of this amazing sport might make you think that it is quite a Paradise for bird watchers, history buffs and nature lovers. However, there is also a haunted side to this place and it makes this place even more intriguing. If you would like to do a photoshoot with a gothic touch, you can look forward to this place as it has a lot of ruins like the mutiny Memorial, the Viceregal lodge and the flagstaff.

Connaught Place

We have talked about how Delhi is not just ancient and not just modern. However, there are places that brilliantly balance between both of them and strike a perfect chord at the fine point between them. one such place is the Connaught Place. While this might be a Paradise for shopping, it is also a great place for photographers. If you are into street food photography and would like to do some Street portraits, you can surely considered this place. The Agrasen Ki Baoli on the Hailey road is probably one of the most photographed exotic places in Delhi.


Mehrauli is an archaeological Park that is spread over 300 acres and its has been an archaeological park for more than one thousand years. This makes it a great place for historic monuments that give a very rustic steps to the photographs that you take. Whether it is modern attired person contrasting the traditional background or someone who gels well with the parts of the ancient ruins, you can surely consider this place. The fountain tree sculpture is one of the favourite for many photographers.

Manju Ka Tilla

Image result for Majnu Ka Tilla pictures

There is a little bit of every city in Delhi. However, there is even a bit of Tibet inside Delhi at Manju Ka Tilla. If you would like to capture the essence of the lifestyle of Tibet with the colourful houses, prayer flags and the traditionally dressed Buddhist monks, you can consider this place.

India Habitat Centre

There are some places that are exclusively created for the sake of photography and nothing else, and the India Habitat Centre fits this Bill. The Green Meadows of this place provide an excellent spot for shooting couples and portfolios. The class corridors and the patterns that they form are surely delightful with the sunlight playing magic.

Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun might not be the most celebrated Mughal emperor but Humayun’s tomb is definitely a place that is really celebrated among photographers. It was built in the year 1570 and was also used as an inspiration for Taj Mahal. The Gardens make it a great and cheap option for amateur models and photographers as well. This has inspired a lot of photographers and the symmetry, the old school charm and everything about this place is worth doing it.

India Gate and Rajpath

This place might probably be the most crowded tourist place in Delhi, but if you happen to visit the place in the mornings, you will get an idea about what this place is usually not. The Madras as nearby invite a lot of children who make use of the launch when they are not crowded. The government officials who live in the surroundings of Rajpath said their formal image and sport shorts and t shirt to jog around and it is quite a site to frame. This only goes on to say that many places in the national capital territory have a different dimension at different times of the day, at least with respect to photographs.

There are places in Delhi that would surely be amazing spots for photographs but are forbidden from being photographed. Two such places are the Akshardham Mandir and the Bahai temple. If only these places where open to photographs, there would be a lot of portraits with these places as background.

It is such a thing of pride and pleasure that the seat of Government of India is also a place that can feel your memory cards with amazing frames and the frames that will make you look back and smile at the awesomeness of the emotion called New Delhi!