Best Hangout Places In Jaipur

Best Hangout Places In Jaipur

Any place or city will have its own share of historic monuments and places of vital tourist importance that will be frequented by a lot of people from all over the world. However, if the city will not provide any hangout joints for the friends in that particular City, it is a bit of a drawback. Some of the tourist places might not have enough of hang out options for their own citizens but it is a thing of happiness that Jaipur isn’t one. Jaipur has a long list of hangout places that you can enjoy visiting even if you are on a tour. Visiting this kind of hangout places will give you a great idea of how the local population intelligence in killing time while having fun. The different kinds of Hangouts include food, drink game traditional and a lot more!

Brown sugar

Anthony employees, this place is a renowned bakery in Jaipur. This place is the default Hangout for the college students and with the economic availability of a lot of delicacies like milkshakes, coffee, Sizzlers and pizza in addition to the great selection of cakes, this can be considered as one of the best hangout spots in Jaipur. If you would like to experience the young essence of Jaipur, you should surely consider visiting this place and we are very sure that you will never ever be disappointed. It is not wrong to spend a few hours over a couple of cups of coffee!


There was once a time when a person from Jaipur wanted to have fun ccand public comma they had to travel all the way to Delhi. This was until Henry opened up. It is located at the c scheme area and is on the ground floor of one of the most recognised hotels in Jaipur, the park Prime. This is a perfect place that has everything it requires to become a perfect hangout spot like music, drinks, Ambience and in the crowd. You will also have live bands performing at moments and these are the days that you should not miss exclamation point. Henry’s is one of the best Best Hangout Places In Jaipur.

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is a Heritage village in the vicinity of Jaipur and will give you a perfect feel of what it feels to be in the traditional Rajasthani village. It has a lot of hurt and it gives you the authentic Rajasthani experience with food, dance and a lot of other things. While it might not be great attraction all the time, it does make sense for you to break out from the modern lifestyle once in a while and go back to the roots to experience how it always was!


Rarely do we see a restaurant doubling up as a hangout spot in a place like Jaipur but this restaurant seems to have broken all the stereotypes. This elegant cafeteria serves multiple occasions including Chinese, North Indian and Italian and it also has an amazing selection of deserts. Wassup is the famous hangout places in Jaipur. The cafe is so elegant in its Outlook with its wooden floor, group sitting areas and artificial trees. What more would you like in your hang out more than this!?

Jaipur weather compact city and it does not have many hangout places. It also is an economy that is primarily driven by tourism more than anything else. It is a king of prussia and proud that Jaipur has managed to create these Mini hangout spots keeping in mind the young people who belong to that particular town!